mathyamane ’rnave so ’drir
anadharo hy apo ’visat
dhriyamano ’pi balibhir
gauravat pandu-nandana
mathyamane—while the churning was going on; arnave—in the ocean of milk; sah—that; adrih—hill; anadharah—without being supported by anything; hi—indeed; apah—in the water; avisat—drowned; dhriyamanah—captured; api—although; balibhih—by the powerful demigods and demons; gauravat—from being very heavy; pandu-nandana—O son of Pandu (Maharaja Pariksit).
O son of the Pandu dynasty, when Mandara Mountain was thus being used as a churning rod in the ocean of milk, it had no support, and therefore although held by the strong hands of the demigods and demons, it sank into the water.

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