etat param prapasyamo
na param te mahesvara
mrdanaya hi lokasya
vyaktis te vyakta-karmanah
etatall these things; paramtranscendental; prapasyamahwe can see; nanot; paramthe actual transcendental position; teof Your Lordship; maha-isvaraO great ruler; mrdanayafor the happiness; hiindeed; lokasyaof all the world; vyaktihmanifested; teof Your Lordship; avyakta-karmanahwhose activities are unknown to everyone.
O greatest of all rulers, your actual identity is impossible for us to understand. As far as we can see, your presence brings flourishing happiness to everyone. Beyond this, no one can appreciate your activities. We can see this much, and nothing more.
When the demigods offered these prayers to Lord Siva, their inner purpose was to please him so that he would rectify the disturbing situation created by the halahala poison. As stated in Bhagavad-gita (7.20), kamais tais tair hrta jnanah prapadyante nya-devatah: when one worships demigods, this is certainly because of deep-rooted desires he wants fulfilled by the mercy of those demigods. People are generally attached to the worship of demigods for some motive.

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