yata danava-daiteyais
tavat sandhir vidhiyatam
kalenanugrhitais tair
yavad vo bhava atmanah
yatajust execute; danavawith the demons; daiteyaihand the asuras; tavatso long; sandhiha truce; vidhiyatamexecute; kalenaby a favorable time (or kavyenaby Sukracarya); anugrhitaihreceiving benedictions; taihwith them; yavatas long as; vahof you; bhavahgood fortune; atmanahof yourselves.
As long as you are not flourishing, you should make a truce with the demons and asuras, who are now being favored by time.
One word in this verse has two readingskalena and kavyena. Kalena means favored by time, and kavyena means favored by Sukracarya, Sukracarya being the spiritual master of the Daityas. The demons and Daityas were favored in both ways, and therefore the demigods were advised by the Supreme Lord to execute a truce for the time being, until time favored them.

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