vipro mukhad brahma ca yasya guhyam
rajanya asid bhujayor balam ca
urvor vid ojo ’nghrir aveda-sudrau
prasidatam nah sa maha-vibhutih
viprah—the brahmanas; mukhat—from His mouth; brahma—the Vedic literatures; ca—also; yasya—of whom; guhyam—from His confidential knowledge; rajanyah—the ksatriyas; asit—became possible; bhujayoh—from His arms; balam ca—as well as bodily strength; urvoh—from the thighs; vitvaisyas; ojah—and their expert productive knowledge; anghrih—from His feet; aveda—those who are beyond the jurisdiction of Vedic knowledge; sudrau—the worker class; prasidatam—may be pleased; nah—upon us; sah—He; maha-vibhutih—the supremely powerful Personality of Godhead.
The brahmanas and Vedic knowledge come from the mouth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the ksatriyas and bodily strength come from His arms, the vaisyas and their expert knowledge in productivity and wealth come from His thighs, and the sudras, who are outside of Vedic knowledge, come from His feet. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is full in prowess, be pleased with us.

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