TEXTS 1718
nisamyaitat sura-gana
nadhyagacchan svayam mantrair
mantrayanto viniscitam
tato brahma-sabham jagmur
meror murdhani sarvasah
sarvam vijnapayam cakruh
pranatah paramesthine
nisamyahearing; etatthis incident; sura-ganahall the demigods; maha-indraKing Indra; varuna-adayahVaruna and other demigods; nanot; adhyagacchanreached; svayampersonally; mantraihby deliberation; mantrayantahdiscussing; viniscitama real conclusion; tatahthereupon; brahma-sabhamto the assembly of Lord Brahma; jagmuhthey went; merohof Sumeru Mountain; murdhanion the top; sarvasahall of them; sarvameverything; vijnapayam cakruhthey informed; pranatahoffered obeisances; paramesthineunto Lord Brahma.
Lord Indra, Varuna and the other demigods, seeing their lives in such a state, consulted among themselves, but they could not find any solution. Then all the demigods assembled and went together to the peak of Sumeru Mountain. There, in the assembly of Lord Brahma, they fell down to offer Lord Brahma their obeisances, and then they informed him of all the incidents that had taken place.

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