yadrcchaya tatra maha-yasa munih
samagamac chisya-ganaih parisritah
tam viksya tusnim akrtarhanadikam
rahasy upasinam rsis cukopa ha
yadrcchaya—out of his own will (without being invited); tatra—there; maha-yasah—very celebrated, well-known; munihAgastya Muni; samagamat—arrived; sisya-ganaih—by his disciples; parisritah—surrounded; tam—him; viksya—seeing; tusnim—silent; akrta-arhana-adikam—without offering a respectful reception; rahasi—in a secluded place; upasinam—sitting in meditation; rsih—the great sage; cukopa—became very angry; ha—it so happened.
While Indradyumna Maharaja was engaged in ecstatic meditation, worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the great sage Agastya Muni arrived there, surrounded by his disciples. When the Muni saw that Maharaja Indradyumna, who was sitting in a secluded place, remained silent and did not follow the etiquette of offering him a reception, he was very angry.

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