asid atita-kalpante
brahmo naimittiko layah
samudropaplutas tatra
loka bhur-adayo nrpa
asitthere was; atitapast; kalpa-anteat the end of the kalpa; brahmahof Lord Brahmas day; naimittikahbecause of that; layahinundation; samudrain the ocean; upaplutahwere inundated; tatrathere; lokahall the planets; bhuh-adayahBhuh, Bhuvah and Svah, the three lokas; nrpaO King.
O King Pariksit, at the end of the past millennium, at the end of Brahmas day, because Lord Brahma sleeps during the night, annihilation took place, and the three worlds were covered by the water of the ocean.

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