sri-suka uvaca
chandasam api cesvarah
raksam icchams tanur dhatte
dharmasyarthasya caiva hi
sri-sukah uvaca—Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said; go—of the cows; vipra—of the brahmanas; sura—of the demigods; sadhunam—and of the devotees; chandasam api—even of the Vedic literature; ca—and; isvarah—the supreme controller; raksam—the protection; icchan—desiring; tanuh dhatte—accepts the forms of incarnations; dharmasya—of the principles of religion; arthasya—of the principles of the purpose of life; ca—and; eva—indeed; hi—certainly.
Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said: O King, for the sake of protecting the cows, brahmanas, demigods, devotees, the Vedic literature, religious principles, and principles to fulfill the purpose of life, the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepts the forms of incarnations.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead generally appears in various types of incarnations to give protection to the cows and brahmanas. The Lord is described as go-brahmana-hitaya ca; in other words, He is always eager to benefit the cows and brahmanas. When Lord Krsna appeared, He purposefully became a cowherd boy and showed personally how to give protection to the cows and calves. Similarly, He showed respect to Sudama Vipra, a real brahmana. From the Lordís personal activities, human society should learn how to give protection specifically to the brahmanas and cows. Then the protection of religious principles, fulfillment of the aim of life and protection of Vedic knowledge can be achieved. Without protection of cows, brahminical culture cannot be maintained; and without brahminical culture, the aim of life cannot be fulfilled. The Lord, therefore, is described as go-brahmana-hitaya because His incarnation is only for the protection of the cows and brahmanas. Unfortunately, because in Kali-yuga there is no protection of the cows and brahminical culture, everything is in a precarious position. If human society wants to be exalted, the leaders of society must follow the instructions of Bhagavad-gita and give protection to the cows, the brahmanas and brahminical culture.

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