tam aha satikarunam
maha-karunikam nrpam
yadobhyo jnati-ghatibhyo
dinam mam dina-vatsala
katham visrjase rajan
bhitam asmin sarij-jale
tam—unto him (Satyavrata); aha—said; sa—that small fish; ati-karunam—extremely compassionate; maha-karunikam—extremely merciful; nrpam—unto King Satyavrata; yadobhyah—to the aquatics; jnati-ghatibhyah—who are always eager to kill the smaller fish; dinam—very poor; mam—me; dina-vatsala—O protector of the poor; katham—why; visrjase—you are throwing; rajan—O King; bhitam—very much afraid; asmin—within this; sarit-jale—in the water of the river.
With an appealing voice, the poor small fish said to King Satyavrata, who was very merciful: My dear King, protector of the poor, why are you throwing Me in the water of the river, where there are other aquatics who can kill Me? I am very much afraid of them.
In the Matsya Purana it is said:
“The Supreme Personality of Godhead possesses unlimited potency. Nonetheless, in His pastime in the form of a fish He begged protection from King Satyavrata.”

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