TEXTS 2223
vedanam sarva-devanam
dharmasya yasasah sriyah
mangalanam vratanam ca
kalpam svargapavargayoh
upendram kalpayam cakre
patim sarva-vibhutaye
tada sarvani bhutani
bhrsam mumudire nrpa
vedanam(for the protection) of all the Vedas; sarva-devanamof all the demigods; dharmasyaof all principles of religion; yasasahof all fame; sriyahof all opulences; mangalanamof all auspiciousness; vratanam caand of all vows; kalpamthe most expert; svarga-apavargayohof elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation from material bondage; upendramLord Vamanadeva; kalpayam cakrethey made it the plan; patimthe master; sarva-vibhutayefor all purposes; tadaat that time; sarvaniall; bhutaniliving entities; bhrsamvery much; mumudirebecame happy; nrpaO King.
O King Pariksit, Indra was considered the King of all the universe, but the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma, wanted Upendra, Lord Vamanadeva, as the protector of the Vedas, the principles of religion, fame, opulence, auspiciousness, vows, elevation to the higher planetary system, and liberation. Thus they accepted Upendra, Lord Vamanadeva, as the supreme master of everything. This decision made all living entities extremely happy.

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