vrka varaha mahisarksa-salya
gopuccha-salavrka-markatas ca
anyatra ksudra harinah sasadayas
caranty abhita yad-anugrahena
vrkah—foxes; varahah—boars; mahisa—buffalos; rksa—bears; salyah—porcupines; gopuccha—a type of deer; salavrka—wolves; markatah—monkeys; ca—and; anyatra—elsewhere; ksudrah—small animals; harinah—deer; sasa-adayah—rabbits and others; caranti—roaming (in the forest); abhitah—without fear; yat-anugrahena—by the mercy of that elephant.
By the mercy of this elephant, animals like the foxes, wolves, buffalos, bears, boars, gopucchas, porcupines, monkeys, rabbits, the other deer and many other small animals loitered elsewhere in the forest. They were not afraid of him.
All the animals were practically controlled by this elephant, yet although they could move without fear, because of respect they did not stand before him.

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