atrapi bahvrcair gitam
srnu me sura-sattama
satyam om iti yat proktam
yan nety ahanrtam hi tat
atra apiin this regard also (in deciding what is truth and what is not truth); bahu-rcaihby the sruti-mantras known as Bahvrca-sruti, which are evidence from the Vedas; gitamwhat has been spoken; srnujust hear; mefrom me; asura-sattamaO best of the asuras; satyamthe truth is; om itipreceded by the word om; yatthat which; proktamhas been spoken; yatthat which is; nanot preceded by om; itithus; ahait is said; anrtamuntruth; hiindeed; tatthat.
One might argue that since you have already promised, how can you refuse? O best of the demons, just take from me the evidence of the Bahvrca-sruti, which says that a promise is truthful preceded by the word om and untruthful if not.

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