disah praseduh salilasayas tada
prajah prahrsta rtavo gunanvitah
dyaur antariksam ksitir agni-jihva
gavo dvijah sanjahrsur nagas ca
disahall directions; praseduhbecame happy; salilaof water; asayahthe reservoirs; tadaat that time; prajahall living entities; prahrstahvery happy; rtavahthe seasons; guna-anvitahfull of their respective qualities; dyauhthe upper planetary system; antariksamouter space; ksitihthe surface of the earth; agni-jihvahthe demigods; gavahthe cows; dvijahthe brahmanas; sanjahrsuhall became happy; nagah caand the mountains.
At that time, there was happiness in all directions, in the reservoirs of water like the rivers and oceans, and in the core of everyones heart. The various seasons displayed their respective qualities, and all living entities in the upper planetary system, in outer space and on the surface of the earth were jubilant. The demigods, the cows, the brahmanas and the hills and mountains were all filled with joy.

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