prayo dhuna te sura-yutha-natha
aparaniya iti devi me matih
yat te nukulesvara-vipra-gupta
na vikramas tatra sukham dadati
prayahalmost; adhunaat the present moment; teall of them; asura-yutha-nathahthe chiefs of the demons; aparaniyahunconquerable; itithus; deviO mother Aditi; meMy; matihopinion; yatbecause; teall the demons; anukula-isvara-vipra-guptahprotected by brahmanas, by whose favor the supreme controller is always present; nanot; vikramahthe use of power; tatrathere; sukhamhappiness; dadatican give.
O mother of the demigods, in My opinion almost all the chiefs of the demons are now unconquerable, for they are being protected by brahmanas, whom the Supreme Lord always favors. Thus the use of power against them now will not at all be a source of happiness.
When a person is favored by brahmanas and Vaisnavas, no one can defeat him. Even the Supreme Personality of Godhead does not interfere when one is protected by a brahmana. It is said, go-brahmana-hitaya ca. The Lords first inclination is to give all benedictions to the cows and brahmanas. Therefore if brahmanas favor someone, the Lord does not interfere, nor can anyone interfere with the happiness of such a person.

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