TEXTS 44–45
bhunjita tair anujnatah
sestah sesam sabhajitaih
brahmacary atha tad-ratryam
svo bhute prathame ’hani
snatah sucir yathoktena
vidhina susamahitah
payasa snapayitvarced
yavad vrata-samapanam
bhunjita—should take the prasada; taih—by the brahmanas; anujnatah—being permitted; sa-istah—with friends and relatives; sesam—the remnants; sabhajitaih—properly honored; brahmacari—observance of celibacy; atha—of course; tat-ratryam—at night; svah bhute—at the end of the night, when the morning comes; prathame ahani—on the first day; snatah—bathing; sucih—becoming purified; yatha-uktena—as stated before; vidhina—by following the regulative principles; su-samahitah—with great attention; payasa—with milk; snapayitva—bathing the Deity; arcet—should offer worship; yavat—as long as; vrata-samapanam—the period of worship is not over.
One should perfectly honor the respectable brahmanas one has fed, and then, after taking their permission, one should take prasada with his friends and relatives. For that night, one should observe strict celibacy, and the next morning, after bathing again, with purity and attention one should bathe the Deity of Visnu with milk and worship Him according to the methods formerly stated in detail.

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