śṛtaṁ payasi naivedyaṁ
śāly-annaṁ vibhave sati
sasarpiḥ saguḍaṁ dattvā
juhuyān mūla-vidyayā
śṛtam—cooked; payasi—in milk; naivedyam—offering to the Deity; śāli-annam—fine rice; vibhave—if available; sati—in this way; sa-sarpiḥ—with ghee (clarified butter); sa-guḍam—with molasses; dattvā—offering Him; juhuyāt—should offer oblations in the fire; mūla-vidyayā—with chanting of the same dvādaśākṣara-mantra
If one can afford to, one should offer the Deity fine rice boiled in milk with clarified butter and molasses. While chanting the same original mantra, one should offer all this to the fire.

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