As described in this chapter, because Aditi, the mother of the demigods, was very afflicted, her husband, Kasyapa Muni, told her how to observe vows in austerities for the benefit of her sons.
Since the demigods were not visible in the heavenly kingdom, their mother, Aditi, because of separation from them, was very much aggrieved. One day after many, many years, the great sage Kasyapa emerged from a trance of meditation and returned to his asrama. He saw that the asrama was no longer beautiful and that his wife was very morose. Everywhere in the asrama, he saw signs of lamentation. The great sage therefore inquired from his wife about the well-being of the asrama and asked her why she looked so morose. After Aditi informed Kasyapa Muni about the asramaís well-being, she told him that she was lamenting for the absence of her sons. She then requested him to tell her how her sons could return and reoccupy their positions. She wanted all good fortune for her sons. Moved by Aditiís request, Kasyapa Muni instructed her in the philosophy of self-realization, the difference between matter and spirit, and how to be unaffected by material loss. But when he saw that Aditi was not satisfied even after he had given these instructions, he advised her to worship Vasudeva, Janardana. He assured her that only Lord Vasudeva could satisfy her and fulfill all her desires. When Aditi then expressed her desire to worship Lord Vasudeva, Prajapati Kasyapa told her about a process of worship known as payo-vrata, which is executed in twelve days. Lord Brahma had instructed him how to satisfy Lord Krsna by this process, and thus he advised his wife to observe this vow and its regulative principles.

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