tasmad isa bhajantya me
sreyas cintaya suvrata
hrta-sriyo hrta-sthanan
sapatnaih pahi nah prabho
tasmat—therefore; isa—O powerful controller; bhajantyah—of your servitor; me—me; sreyah—auspiciousness; cintaya—just consider; su-vrata—O most gentle one; hrta-sriyah—bereft of all opulence; hrta-sthanan—bereft of a residence; sapatnaih—by the competitors; pahi—please protect; nah—us; prabho—O my lord.
Therefore, most gentle lord, kindly favor your maidservant. We have now been deprived of our opulence and residence by our competitors, the demons. Kindly give us protection.
Aditi, the mother of the demigods, appealed to Kasyapa Muni to give the demigods protection. When we speak of the demigods, this also includes their mother.

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