agnayo ’tithayo bhṛtyā
bhikṣavo ye ca lipsavaḥ
sarvaṁ bhagavato brahmann
anudhyānān na riṣyati
agnayaḥ—worshiping the fires; atithayaḥ—receiving the guests; bhṛtyāḥ—satisfying the servants; bhikṣavaḥ—pleasing the beggars; ye—all of them who; ca—and; lipsavaḥ—as they desire (are taken care of); sarvam—all of them; bhagavataḥ—of you, my lord; brahman—O brāhmaṇa; anudhyānāt—from always thinking; na riṣyati—nothing is missed (everything is properly done).
O beloved husband, the fires, guests, servants and beggars are all being properly cared for by me. Because I always think of you, there is no possibility that any of the religious principles will be neglected.

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