atharuhya ratham divyam
bhrgu-dattam maharathah
susrag-dharo tha sannahya
dhanvi khadgi dhrtesudhih
raraja ratham arudho
dhisnya-stha iva havyavat
athathereupon; aruhyagetting on; rathamthe chariot; divyamcelestial; bhrgu-dattamgiven by Sukracarya; maha-rathahBali Maharaja, the great charioteer; su-srak-dharahdecorated with a nice garland; athathus; sannahyacovering his body with armor; dhanviequipped with a bow; khadgitaking a sword; dhrta-isudhihtaking a quiver of arrows; hema-angada-lasat-bahuhdecorated with golden bangles on his arms; sphurat-makara-kundalahdecorated with brilliant earrings resembling sapphires; rarajawas illuminating; ratham arudhahgetting on the chariot; dhisnya-sthahsituated on the altar of sacrifice; ivalike; havya-vatworshipable fire.
Then, after getting on the chariot given by Sukracarya, Bali Maharaja, decorated with a nice garland, put protective armor on his body, equipped himself with a bow, and took up a sword and a quiver of arrows. When he sat down on the seat of the chariot, his arms decorated with golden bangles and his ears with sapphire earrings, he shone like a worshipable fire.

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