tato rathah kancana-patta-naddho
hayas ca haryasva-turanga-varnah
dhvajas ca simhena virajamano
hutasanad asa havirbhir istat
tatahthereafter; rathaha chariot; kancanawith gold; pattaand silk garments; naddhahwrapped; hayah cahorses also; haryasva-turanga-varnahexactly of the same color as the horses of Indra (yellow); dhvajah caa flag also; simhenawith the mark of a lion; virajamanahexisting; huta-asanatfrom the blazing fire; asathere was; havirbhihby offerings of clarified butter; istatworshiped.
When ghee [clarified butter] was offered in the fire of sacrifice, there appeared from the fire a celestial chariot covered with gold and silk. There also appeared yellow horses like those of Indra, and a flag marked with a lion.

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