sarit-sarahsu sailesu
vanesupavanesu ca
yatra kva casann rsayas
tatra sannihito harah
sarit—near the shores of the rivers; sarahsu—and near the lakes; sailesu—near the mountains; vanesu—in the forests; upavanesu—in the gardens or small forests; ca—also; yatra—wherever; kva—anywhere; ca—also; asan—were exiting; rsayah—great sages; tatra—there; sannihitah—was present; harah—Lord Siva.
Following Mohini, Lord Siva went everywhere—near the shores of the rivers and lakes, near the mountains, near the forests, near the gardens, and wherever there lived great sages.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura remarks that Mohini-murti dragged Lord Siva to so many places, especially to where the great sages lived, to instruct the sages that their Lord Siva had become mad for a beautiful woman. Thus although they were all great sages and saintly persons, they should not think themselves free, but should remain extremely cautious about beautiful women. No one should think himself liberated in the presence of a beautiful woman. The sastras enjoin:
“One should not stay in a solitary place with a woman, even if she be his mother, sister or daughter, for the senses are so uncontrollably powerful that in the presence of a woman one may become agitated, even if he is very learned and advanced.” (Bhag. 9.19.17)

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