na suskena na cardrena
jahara namuceh sirah
tam tustuvur muni-gana
malyais cavakiran vibhum
na—neither; suskena—by dry means; na—nor; ca—also; ardrena—by a moist weapon; jahara—he separated; namuceh—of Namuci; sirah—the head; tam—him (Indra); tustuvuh—satisfied; muni-ganah—all the sages; malyaih—with flower garlands; ca—also; avakiran—covered; vibhum—that great personality.
Thus Indra, King of heaven, severed Namuciís head with a weapon of foam, which was neither dry nor moist. Then all the sages satisfied Indra, the exalted personality, by showering flowers and garlands upon him, almost covering him.
In this regard, the sruti-mantras say, apam phenena namuceh sira indro ídarayat: Indra killed Namuci with watery foam, which is neither moist nor dry.

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