tadāpatad gagana-tale mahā-javaṁ
vicicchide harir iṣubhiḥ sahasradhā
tam āhanan nṛpa kuliśena kandhare
ruṣānvitas tridaśa-patiḥ śiro haran
tadā—at that time; apatat—falling like a meteor; gagana-tale—beneath the sky or on the ground; mahā-javam—extremely powerful; vicicchide—cut to pieces; hariḥIndra; iṣubhiḥ—by his arrows; sahasradhā—into thousands of pieces; tam—that Namuci; āhanat—struck; nṛpa—O King; kuliśena—with his thunderbolt; kandhare—on the shoulder; ruṣā-anvitaḥ—being very angry; tridaśa-patiḥIndra, the King of the demigods; śiraḥ—the head; haran—to separate.
O King, when Indra, King of heaven, saw this very powerful spear falling toward the ground like a blazing meteor, he immediately cut it to pieces with his arrows. Then, being very angry, he struck Namuci’s shoulder with his thunderbolt to cut off Namuci’s head.

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