praharat kulisam tasma
amogham para-mardanah
sayano nyapatad bhumau
chinna-paksa ivacalah
praharatinflicted; kulisamthunderbolt scepter; tasmaiunto him (Bali Maharaja); amoghaminfallible; para-mardanahIndra, who is expert in defeating the enemy; sa-yanahwith his airplane; nyapatatfell down; bhumauon the ground; chinna-paksahwhose wings have been taken away; ivalike; acalaha mountain.
When Indra, the defeater of enemies, released his infallible thunderbolt scepter at Bali Maharaja with a desire to kill him, Bali Maharaja indeed fell to the ground with his airplane, like a mountain with its wings cut off.
In many descriptions in Vedic literature it is found that mountains also fly in the sky with wings. When such mountains are dead, they fall to the ground, where they stay as very large dead bodies.

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