ta evam ajav asurah surendra
dvandvena samhatya ca yudhyamanah
anyonyam asadya nijaghnur ojasa
jigisavas tiksna-sarasi-tomaraih
te—all of them; evam—in this way; ajau—on the battlefield; asurah—the demons; sura-indrah—and the demigods; dvandvena—two by two; samhatya—mixing together; ca—and; yudhyamanah—engaged in fighting; anyonyam—with one another; asadya—approaching; nijaghnuh—slashed with weapons and killed; ojasa—with great strength; jigisavah—everyone desiring victory; tiksna—sharp; sara—with arrows; asi—with swords; tomaraih—with lances.
All of these demigods and demons assembled on the battlefield with a fighting spirit and attacked one another with great strength. All of them desiring victory, they fought in pairs, hitting one another severely with sharpened arrows, swords and lances.

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