airavatam dik-karinam
arudhah susubhe sva-rat
yatha sravat-prasravanam
udayadrim ahar-patih
airavatam—Airavata; dik-karinam—the great elephant who could go everywhere; arudhah—mounted on; susubhe—became very beautiful to see; sva-ratIndra; yatha—just as; sravat—flowing; prasravanam—waves of wine; udaya-adrim—on Udayagiri; ahah-patih—the sun.
Sitting on Airavata, an elephant who can go anywhere and who holds water and wine in reserve for showering, Lord Indra looked just like the sun rising from Udayagiri, where there are reservoirs of water.
On the top of the mountain called Udayagiri are large lakes from which water continuously pours in waterfalls. Similarly, Indra’s carrier, Airavata, holds water and wine in reserve and showers it in the direction of Lord Indra. Thus Indra, King of heaven, sitting on the back of Airavata, appeared like the brilliant sun rising above Udayagiri.

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