TEXTS 10–12
gṛdhraiḥ kaṅkair bakair anye
śyena-bhāsais timiṅgilaiḥ
śarabhair mahiṣaiḥ khaḍgair
go-vṛṣair gavayāruṇaiḥ
śivābhir ākhubhiḥ kecit
kṛkalāsaiḥ śaśair naraiḥ
bastair eke kṛṣṇa-sārair
haṁsair anye ca sūkaraiḥ
anye jala-sthala-khagaiḥ
sattvair vikṛta-vigrahaiḥ
senayor ubhayo rājan
viviśus te ’grato ’grataḥ
gṛdhraiḥ—on the backs of vultures; kaṅkaiḥ—on the backs of eagles; bakaiḥ—on the backs of ducks; anye—others; śyena—on the backs of hawks; bhāsaiḥ—on the backs of bhāsas; timiṅgilaiḥ—on the backs of big fish known as timiṅgilas; śarabhaiḥ—on the backs of śarabhas; mahiṣaiḥ—on the backs of buffalo; khaḍgaiḥ—on the backs of rhinoceroses; go—on the backs of cows; vṛṣaiḥ—on the backs of bulls; gavaya-aruṇaiḥ—on the backs of gavayas and aruṇas; śivābhiḥ—on the backs of jackals; ākhubhiḥ—on the backs of big rats; kecit—some persons; kṛkalāsaiḥ—on the backs of big lizards; śaśaiḥ—on the backs of big rabbits; naraiḥ—on the backs of human beings; bastaiḥ—on the backs of goats; eke—some; kṛṣṇa-sāraiḥ—on the backs of black deer; haṁsaiḥ—on the backs of swans; anye—others; ca—also; sūkaraiḥ—on the backs of boars; anye—others; jala-sthala-khagaiḥ—animals moving on the water, on land and in the sky; sattvaiḥ—by creatures being used as vehicles; vikṛta—are deformed; vigrahaiḥ—by such animals whose bodies; senayoḥ—of the two parties of soldiers; ubhayoḥ—of both; rājan—O King; viviśuḥ—entered; te—all of them; agrataḥ agrataḥ—going forward face to face.
O King, some soldiers fought on the backs of vultures, eagles, ducks, hawks and bhāsa birds. Some fought on the backs of timiṅgilas, which can devour huge whales, some on the backs of śarabhas, and some on buffalo, rhinoceroses, cows, bulls, jungle cows and aruṇas. Others fought on the backs of jackals, rats, lizards, rabbits, human beings, goats, black deer, swans and boars. In this way, mounted on animals of the water, land and sky, including animals with deformed bodies, both armies faced each other and went forward.

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