mam aprinata ayusman
darsanam durlabham hi me
drstva mam na punar jantur
atmanam taptum arhati
mam—Me; aprinatah—not pleasing; ayusman—O long-living Prahlada; darsanam—seeing; durlabham—very rare; hi—indeed; me—of Me; drstva—after seeing; mam—Me; na—not; punah—again; jantuh—the living entity; atmanam—for himself; taptum—to lament; arhati—deserves.
My dear Prahlada, may you live a long time. One cannot appreciate or understand Me without pleasing Me, but one who has seen or pleased Me has nothing more for which to lament for his own satisfaction.
One cannot be happy under any circumstances unless one pleases the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but one who has learned how to please the Supreme Lord need no longer lament for his material condition.

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