sri-gandharva ucuh
vayam vibho te nata-natya-gayaka
yenatmasad virya-balaujasa krtah
sa esa nito bhavata dasam imam
kim utpathasthah kusalaya kalpate
sri-gandharvah ucuhthe inhabitants of Gandharvaloka (who are usually engaged as musicians of the heavenly planets) said; vayamwe; vibhoO Lord; teYour; nata-natya-gayakahdancers and singers in dramatic performances; yenaby whom; atmasatunder subjection; viryaof his valor; balaand bodily strength; ojasaby the influence; krtahmade (brought); sahhe (Hiranyakasipu); esahthis; nitahbrought; bhavataby Your Lordship; dasam imamto this condition; kimwhether; utpathasthahanyone who is an upstart; kusalayafor auspiciousness; kalpateis capable.
The inhabitants of Gandharvaloka prayed: Your Lordship, we ever engage in Your service by dancing and singing in dramatic performances, but this Hiranyakasipu, by the influence of his bodily strength and valor, brought us under his subjugation. Now he has been brought to this low condition by Your Lordship. What benefit can result from the activities of such an upstart as Hiranyakasipu?
By being a very obedient servant of the Supreme Lord, one becomes extremely powerful in bodily strength, influence and effulgence, whereas the fate of demoniac upstarts is ultimately to fall down like Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyakasipu and persons like him may be very powerful for some time, but the obedient servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead like the demigods remain powerful always. They are victorious over the influence of Hiranyakasipu by the grace of the Supreme Lord.

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