sri-prajapataya ucuh
prajesa vayam te paresabhisrsta
na yena praja vai srjamo nisiddhah
sa esa tvaya bhinna-vaksa nu sete
jagan-mangalam sattva-murte ’vatarah
sri-prajapatayah ucuh—the great personalities who created the various living beings offered their prayers by saying; praja-isah—the prajapatis created by Lord Brahma, who have created generations of living entities; vayam—we; te—of You; para-isa—O Supreme Lord; abhisrstah—born; na—not; yena—by whom (Hiranyakasipu); prajah—living entities; vai—indeed; srjamah—we create; nisiddhah—being forbidden; sah—he (Hiranyakasipu); esah—this; tvaya—by You; bhinna-vaksah—whose chest has been split; nu—indeed; sete—lies down; jagat-mangalam—for the auspiciousness of the whole world; sattva-murte—in this transcendental form of pure goodness; avatarah—this incarnation.
The prajapatis offered their prayers as follows: O Supreme Lord, Lord of even Brahma and Siva, we, the prajapatis, were created by You to execute Your orders, but we were forbidden by Hiranyakasipu to create any more good progeny. Now the demon is lying dead before us, his chest pierced by You. Let us therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto You, whose incarnation in this form of pure goodness is meant for the welfare of the entire universe.

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