sri-indra uvaca
pratyanitah parama bhavata trayata nah sva-bhaga
daityakrantam hrdaya-kamalam tad-grham pratyabodhi
kala-grastam kiyad idam aho natha susrusatam te
muktis tesam na hi bahumata narasimhaparaih kim
sri-indrah uvacaIndra, the King of heaven, said; pratyanitahrecovered; paramaO Supreme; bhavataby Your Lordship; trayatawho are protecting; nahus; sva-bhagahshares in the sacrifices; daitya-akrantamafflicted by the demon; hrdaya-kamalamthe lotuslike cores of our hearts; tat-grhamwhich is actually Your residence; pratyabodhiit has been illuminated; kala-grastamdevoured by time; kiyatinsignificant; idamthis (world); ahoalas; nathaO Lord; susrusatamfor those who are always engaged in the service; teof You; muktihliberation from material bondage; tesamof them (the pure devotees); nanot; hiindeed; bahumatathought very important; nara-simhaO Lord Nrsimhadeva, half lion and half human being; aparaih kimthen what is the use of other possessions.
King Indra said: O Supreme Lord, You are our deliverer and protector. Our shares of sacrifices, which are actually Yours, have been recovered from the demon by You. Because the demoniac king Hiranyakasipu was most fearsome, our hearts, which are Your permanent abode, were all overtaken by him. Now, by Your presence, the gloom and darkness in our hearts have been dissipated. O Lord, for those who always engage in Your service, which is more exalted than liberation, all material opulence is insignificant. They do not even care for liberation, not to speak of the benefits of kama, artha and dharma.
In this material world there are two kinds of peoplethe devatas (demigods) and the asuras (demons). Although the demigods are attached to material enjoyment, they are devotees of the Lord who act according to the rules and regulations of the Vedic injunctions. During the reign of Hiranyakasipu, everyone was disturbed in the routine duties of Vedic civilization. When Hiranyakasipu was killed, all the demigods, who had always been disturbed by Hiranyakasipu, felt relief in their general way of life.
Because the government in Kali-yuga is full of demons, the living conditions of devotees are always disturbed. Devotees cannot perform yajna, and thus they cannot partake of the remnants of food offered in yajna for the worship of Lord Visnu. The hearts of the demigods are always filled with fear of the demons, and therefore they cannot think of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The engagement of the demigods is to think of the Lord always within the cores of their hearts. The Lord says in Bhagavad-gita (6.47):
yoginam api sarvesam
mad gatenantaratmana
sraddhavan bhajate yo mam
sa me yuktatamo matah
And of all yogis, he who always abides in Me with great faith, worshiping Me in transcendental loving service, is most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all. The demigods fully absorb themselves in meditation upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead to become perfect yogis, but because of the presence of demons, their hearts are filled with the activities of the demons. Thus their hearts, which are meant to be the abode of the Supreme Lord, are practically occupied by the demons. All the demigods felt relieved when Hiranyakasipu was dead, for they could easily think of the Lord. They could then receive the results of sacrifices and become happy even though in the material world.

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