dyaus tat-satotksipta-vimana-sankula
protsarpata ksma ca padabhipidita
sailah samutpetur amusya ramhasa
tat-tejasa kham kakubho na rejire
dyauhouter space; tat-sataby His hair; utksiptathrown up; vimana-sankulafilled with airplanes; protsarpataslipped out of place; ksmathe planet earth; caalso; pada-abhipiditadistressed due to the heavy weight of the lotus feet of the Lord; sailahthe hills and mountains; samutpetuhsprang up; amusyaof that one (the Lord); ramhasadue to the intolerable force; tat-tejasaby His effulgence; khamthe sky; kakubhahthe ten directions; na rejiredid not shine.
Airplanes were thrown into outer space and the upper planetary system by the hair on Nrsimhadevas head. Because of the pressure of the Lords lotus feet, the earth appeared to slip from its position, and all the hills and mountains sprang up due to His intolerable force. Because of the Lords bodily effulgence, both the sky and all directions diminished in their natural illumination.
That there were airplanes flying in the sky long, long ago can be understood from this verse. Srimad-Bhagavatam was spoken five thousand years ago, and the statements of this verse prove that the symptoms of a very advanced civilization then existed, even in the upper planetary systems, as well as in the lower planetary systems. Modern scientists and philosophers foolishly explain that there was no civilization prior to three thousand years ago, but the statement of this verse nullifies such whimsical judgments. The Vedic civilization existed millions and millions of years ago. It existed since the creation of this universe, and it included arrangements all over the universe with all the modern amenities and even more.

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