prayena me yam harinorumayina
vadhah smrto nena samudyatena kim
evam bruvams tv abhyapatad gadayudho
nadan nrsimham prati daitya-kunjarah
prayenaprobably; meof me; ayamthis; harinaby the Supreme Lord; uru-mayinawho possesses the great mystic power; vadhahthe death; smrtahplanned; anenawith this; samudyatenaendeavor; kimwhat use; evamin this way; bruvanmurmuring; tuindeed; abhyapatatattacked; gada-ayudhaharmed with his weapon, the club; nadanloudly roaring; nr-simhamthe Lord, appearing in the form of half lion and half man; pratitoward; daitya-kunjarahHiranyakasipu, who was like an elephant.
Hiranyakasipu murmured to himself, Lord Visnu, who possesses great mystic power, has made this plan to kill me, but what is the use of such an attempt? Who can fight with me? Thinking like this and taking up his club, Hiranyakasipu attacked the Lord like an elephant.
In the jungle there are sometimes fights between lions and elephants. Here the Lord appeared like a lion, and Hiranyakasipu, unafraid of the Lord, attacked Him like an elephant. Generally the elephant is defeated by the lion, and therefore the comparison in this verse is appropriate.

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