tadaiva tasmin ninado ’tibhisano
babhuva yenanda-kataham asphutat
yam vai sva-dhisnyopagatam tv ajadayah
srutva sva-dhamatyayam anga menire
tada—at that time; eva—just; tasmin—within (the pillar); ninadah—a sound; ati-bhisanah—very fearful; babhuva—there was; yena—by which; anda-kataham—the covering of the universe; asphutat—appeared to crack; yam—which; vai—indeed; sva-dhisnya-upagatam—reaching their respective abodes; tu—but; aja-adayah—the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma; srutva—hearing; sva-dhama-atyayam—the destruction of their abodes; anga—my dear Yudhisthira; menire—thought.
Then from within the pillar came a fearful sound, which appeared to crack the covering of the universe. O my dear Yudhisthira, this sound reached even the abodes of the demigods like Lord Brahma, and when the demigods heard it, they thought, “Oh, now our planets are being destroyed!”
As we sometimes become very much afraid at the sound of a thunderbolt, perhaps thinking that our houses will be destroyed, the great demigods like Lord Brahma feared the thundering sound that came from the pillar in front of Hiranyakasipu.

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