dasyun pura san na vijitya lumpato
manyanta eke sva-jita diso dasa
jitatmano jnasya samasya dehinam
sadhoh sva-moha-prabhavah kutah pare
dasyunplunderers; purain the beginning; satsix; nanot; vijityaconquering; lumpatahstealing all one s possessions; manyanteconsider; ekesome; sva-jitahconquered; disah dasathe ten directions; jita-atmanahone who has conquered the senses; jnasyalearned; samasyaequipoised; dehinamto all living entities; sadhohof such a saintly person; sva-moha-prabhavahcreated by ones own illusion; kutahwhere; pareenemies or opposing elements.
In former times there were many fools like you who did not conquer the six enemies that steal away the wealth of the body. These fools were very proud, thinking, I have conquered all enemies in all the ten directions. But if a person is victorious over the six enemies and is equipoised toward all living entities, for him there are no enemies. Enemies are merely imagined by one in ignorance.
In this material world, everyone thinks that he has conquered his enemies, not understanding that his enemies are his uncontrolled mind and five senses (manah sasthanindriyani prakrti-sthani karsati [Bg. 15.7]). In this material world, everyone has become a servant of the senses. Originally everyone is a servant of Krsna, but in ignorance one forgets this, and thus one is engaged in the service of maya through lusty desires, anger, greed, illusion, madness and jealousy. Everyone is actually dependent on the reactions of material laws, but still one thinks himself independent and thinks that he has conquered all directions. In conclusion, one who thinks that he has many enemies is an ignorant man, whereas one who is in Krsna consciousness knows that there are no enemies but those within oneselfthe uncontrolled mind and senses.

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