imam tu pasair varunasya baddhva
nidhehi bhito na palayate yatha
buddhis ca pumso vayasarya-sevaya
yavad gurur bhargava agamisyati
imam—this; tu—but; pasaih—by the ropes; varunasya—of the demigod known as Varuna; baddhva—binding; nidhehi—keep (him); bhitah—being afraid; na—not; palayate—runs away; yatha—so that; buddhih—the intelligence; ca—also; pumsah—of a man; vayasa—by increase of age; arya—of experienced, advanced persons; sevaya—by the service; yavat—until; guruh—our spiritual master; bhargavah—Sukracarya; agamisyati—will come.
Until the return of our spiritual master, Sukracarya, arrest this child with the ropes of Varuna so that he will not flee in fear. In any case, by the time he is somewhat grown up and has assimilated our instructions or served our spiritual master, he will change in his intelligence. Thus there need be no cause for anxiety.

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