putran vipratikulan svan
pitarah putra-vatsalah
upalabhante siksartham
naivagham aparo yatha
putransons; vipratikulanwho act against the will of the father; svantheir own; pitarahfathers; putra-vatsalahbeing very affectionate to the children; upalabhantechastise; siksa-arthamto teach them lessons; nanot; evaindeed; aghampunishment; aparahan enemy; yathalike.
A father and mother are always affectionate to their children. When the children are disobedient the parents chastise them, not due to enmity but only for the childs instruction and welfare. How did Hiranyakasipu, the father of Prahlada Maharaja, chastise such a noble son? This is what I am eager to know.

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