tateme durlabhah pumsam
yan vrnise varan mama
tathapi vitaramy anga
varan yadyapi durlabhan
sri-brahma uvacaLord Brahma said; tataO dear son; imeall these; durlabhahvery rarely obtained; pumsamby men; yanthose which; vrniseyou ask; varanbenedictions; mamafrom me; tathapistill; vitaramiI shall deliver; angaO Hiranyakasipu; varanthe benedictions; yadyapialthough; durlabhannot generally available.
Lord Brahma said: O Hiranyakasipu, these benedictions for which you have asked are difficult to obtain for most men. Nonetheless, O my son, I shall grant you them although they are generally not available.
Material benedictions are not always exactly worthy of being called benedictions. If one possesses more and more, a benediction itself may become a curse, for just as achieving material opulence in this material world requires great strength and endeavor, maintaining it also requires great endeavor. Lord Brahma informed Hiranyakasipu that although he was ready to offer him whatever he had asked, the result of the benedictions would be very difficult for Hiranyakasipu to maintain. Nonetheless, since Brahma had promised, he wanted to grant all the benedictions asked. The word durlabhan indicates that one should not take benedictions one cannot enjoy peacefully.

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