tena tapta divam tyaktva
brahmalokam yayuh surah
dhatre vijnapayam asur
deva-deva jagat-pate
daityendra-tapasa tapta
divi sthatum na saknumah
tena—by that (fire of austerity); taptah—burned; divam—their residential quarters in the upper planets; tyaktva—giving up; brahma-lokam—to the planet where Lord Brahma lives; yayuh—went; surah—the demigods; dhatre—unto the chief of this universe, Lord Brahma; vijnapayam asuh—submitted; deva-deva—O chief of the demigods; jagat-pate—O master of the universe; daitya-indra-tapasa—by the severe austerity performed by the King of the Daityas, Hiranyakasipu; taptah—roasted; divi—on the heavenly planets; sthatum—to stay; na—not; saknumah—we are able.
Scorched and extremely disturbed because of Hiranyakasipu’s severe penances, all the demigods left the planets where they reside and went to the planet of Lord Brahma, where they informed the creator as follows: O lord of the demigods, O master of the universe, because of the fire emanating from Hiranyakasipu’s head as a result of his severe austerities, we have become so disturbed that we could not stay in our planets but have come to you.

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