sri-narada uvaca
ity uktvadi-bhavo devo
bhaksitangam pipilikaih
sri-naradah uvaca—Sri Narada Muni said; iti—thus; uktva—saying; adi-bhavah—Lord Brahma, the original living creature within this universe; devah—the principal demigod; bhaksita-angam—Hiranyakasipu’s body, which had been almost completely eaten; pipilikaih—by the ants; kamandalu—from the special waterpot in the hands of Lord Brahma; jalena—by water; auksat—sprinkled; divyena—which was spiritual, not ordinary; amogha—without fail; radhasa—whose power.
Sri Narada Muni continued: After speaking these words to Hiranyakasipu, Lord Brahma, the original being of this universe, who is extremely powerful, sprinkled transcendental, infallible, spiritual water from his kamandalu upon Hiranyakasipu’s body, which had been eaten away by ants and moths. Thus he enlivened Hiranyakasipu.
Lord Brahma is the first created being within this universe and is empowered by the Supreme Lord top create. Tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye: the adi deva, or adi-kavi—the first living creature—was personally taught by the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the heart. There was no one to teach him, but since the Lord is situated within Brahma’s heart, Brahma was educated by the Lord Himself. Lord Brahma, being especially empowered, is infallible in doing whatever he wants. This is the meaning of the word amogha radhasa. He desired to restore Hiranyakasipu’s original body, and therefore, by sprinkling transcendental water from his waterpot, he immediately did so.

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