aho vidhatrakarunena nah prabho
bhavan pranito drg-agocaram dasam
usinaranam asi vrttidah pura
krto ’dhuna yena sucam vivardhanah
aho—alas; vidhatra—by providence; akarunena—who is merciless; nah—our; prabho—O lord; bhavan—Your Lordship; pranitah—taken away; drk—of sight; agocaram—beyond the range; dasam—to a state; usinaranam—to the inhabitants of the state of Usinara; asi—you were; vrtti-dah—giving livelihood; pura—formerly; krtah—finished; adhuna—now; yena—by whom; sucam—of lamentation; vivardhanah—increasing.
O lord, you have now been removed by cruel providence to a state beyond our sight. You had previously sustained the livelihood of the inhabitants of Usinara, and thus they were happy, but your condition now is the cause of their unhappiness.

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