sri-hiranyakasipur uvaca
ambamba he vadhuh putra
viram marhatha socitum
ripor abhimukhe slaghyah
suranam vadha ipsitah
sri-hiranyakasipuh uvaca—Hiranyakasipu said; amba amba—my mother, my mother; he—O; vadhuh—my sister-in-law; putrah—O sons of my brother; viram—the hero; ma—not; arhatha—you deserve; socitum—to lament about; ripoh—of the enemy; abhimukhe—in front; slaghyah—glorious; suranam—of those who are actually great; vadhah—killing; ipsitah—desired.
Hiranyakasipu said: My dear mother, sister-in-law and nephews, you should not lament for the death of the great hero, for a hero’s death in front of his enemy is glorious and desirable.

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