deva-yanam idam prahur
bhutva bhutvanupurvasah
atma-yajy upasantatma
hy atma-stho na nivartate
deva-yanamthe process of elevation known as deva-yana; idamon this (path); prahuhit is said; bhutva bhutvahaving repeated birth; anupurvasahconsecutively; atma-yajione who is eager for self-realization; upasanta-atmacompletely free from all material desires; hiindeed; atma-sthahsituated in his own self; nanot; nivartatedoes return.
This gradual process of elevation for self-realization is meant for those who are truly aware of the Absolute Truth. After repeated birth on this path, which is known as deva-yana, one attains these consecutive stages. One who is completely free from all material desires, being situated in the self, need not traverse the path of repeated birth and death.

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