sri-brahmana uvaca
vededam asura-srestha
bhavan nanv arya-sammatah
ihoparamayor nrnam
padany adhyatma-caksusa
sri-brahmanah uvaca—the brahmana replied; veda—know very well; idam—all these things; asura-srestha—O best of the asuras; bhavan—you; nanu—indeed; arya-sammatah—whose activities are approved by civilized men; iha—of inclination; uparamayoh—of decreasing; nrnam—of the people in general; padani—different stages; adhyatma-caksusa—by transcendental eyes.
The saintly brahmana said: O best of the asuras, Prahlada Maharaja, who are recognized by advanced and civilized men, you are aware of the different stages of life because of your inherent transcendental eyes, with which you can see a man’s character and thus know clearly the results of acceptance and rejection of things as they are.
A pure devotee like Prahlada Maharaja can understand the minds of others because of his pure vision in devotional service. A devotee like Prahlada Maharaja can study another man’s character without difficulty.

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