chandamsy adhiyita guror
ahutas cet suyantritah
upakrame ’vasane ca
caranau sirasa namet
chandamsimantras in the Vedas, like the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and the Gayatri mantra; adhiyita—one should chant or read regularly; guroh—from the spiritual master; ahutah—being addressed or called (by him); cet—if; su-yantritah—faithful, well behaved; upakrame—in the beginning; avasane—at the end (of reading Vedic mantras); ca—also; caranau—at the lotus feet; sirasa—by the head; namet—one should offer obeisances.
Being called by the spiritual master, the student should study the Vedic mantras regularly. Every day, before beginning his studies and at the end of his studies, the disciple should respectfully offer obeisances unto the spiritual master.

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