vaisyas tu varta-vrttih syan
nityam brahma-kulanugah
sudrasya dvija-susrusa
vrttis ca svamino bhavet
vaisyahthe mercantile community; tuindeed; varta-vrttihengaged in agriculture, cow protection, and trade; syatmust be; nityamalways; brahma-kula-anugahfollowing the directions of the brahmanas; sudrasyaof the fourth-grade persons, the workers; dvija-susrusathe service of the three higher sections (the brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas); vrttihmeans of livelihood; caand; svaminahof the master; bhavethe must be.
The mercantile community should always follow the directions of the brahmanas and engage in such occupational duties as agriculture, trade, and protection of cows. For the sudras the only duty is to accept a master from a higher social order and engage in his service.

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