tatas te sesvara loka
upasadyesvaram natah
trahi nas tavakan deva
vinastams tripuralayaih
tatahthereafter; tethey (the demigods); sa-isvarahwith their rulers; lokahthe planets; upasadyaapproaching; isvaramLord Siva; natahfell down in surrender; trahiplease save; nahus; tavakannear and dear to you and very frightened; devaO Lord; vinastanalmost finished; tripura-alayaihby the demons dwelling in those three planes.
Thereafter, when the demons had begun to destroy the higher planetary systems, the rulers of those planets went to Lord Siva, fully surrendered unto him and said: Dear Lord, we demigods living in the three worlds are about to be vanquished. We are your followers. Kindly save us.

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