ya etat punyam akhyanam
visnor viryopabrmhitam
kirtayec chraddhaya srutva
karma-pasair vimucyate
yah—anyone who; etat—this; punyam—pious; akhyanam—narration; visnoh—of Lord Visnu; virya—the supreme power; upabrmhitam—in which is described; kirtayet—chants or repeats; sraddhaya—with great faith; srutva—after properly hearing (from the right source); karma-pasaih—from the bondage of fruitive activities; vimucyate—becomes liberated.
One who hears and chants this narration about the omnipotence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, is certainly liberated from material bondage without fail.

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