yatra yatra ca mad-bhaktah
prasantah sama-darsinah
sadhavah samudacaras
te puyante ípi kikatah
yatra yatra—wherever and whenever; ca—also; mat-bhaktah—My devotees; prasantah—extremely peaceful; sama-darsinah—equipoised; sadhavah—decorated with all good qualities; samudacarah—equally magnanimous; te—all of them; puyante—are purified; api—even; kikatah—a degraded country or the inhabitants of such a place.
Whenever and wherever there are peaceful, equipoised devotees who are well behaved and decorated with all good qualities, that place and the dynasties there, even if condemned, are purified.
Wherever exalted devotees stay, not only they and their dynasties but the entire country is purified.

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